The Best Air Fresheners For Your Car | Buying Guide

Air fresheners for your car… is it a complex subject?

One of the most underrated and underestimated sense of all is our sense of smell.

In reality, it is one of our most important senses; able to influence our mood and help us better concentrate and remember things better. 

While some drivers can go without using a car air freshener, the majority of drivers cannot drive without this important car accessory, considering it an essential part of their car.

Air fresheners are not new and have been used for decades, initially in our homes and offices. 

However, it has been made for use in our cars to ensure that drives and road trips are more pleasant and enjoyable.


Car air fresheners have a sweet fragrance and can quickly overpower lots of bad smells, providing a clean and fresh smelling sanctum for a more pleasant car ride. 

Air fresheners can give your car a refreshing smell powerful enough to erase odors related to takeout foods, smoking, or other offensive smells. 

In this chapter, we will talk about the different types of air fresheners, so you have an idea of all available options when it comes to a car air freshener.

Cardboard car air fresheners

The Little Tree car air freshener, often referred to as the Original car air freshener, is an excellent example of a cardboard car air freshener. 

Imbibed with fragrances and scents that slowly release as air blows over the cardboard, they are arguably the most common car air fresheners available. 

Cardboard car air fresheners are also the most affordable air fresheners and are available in various designs and shapes. 

They are intended to be hung from the rear-view mirror of your car. 

Scent Bomb car air fresheners

The Scent Bomb car air freshener is a popular product that masks and removes foul smells with a pleasant fragrance. 

It works by overwhelming the bad smell with a pleasing fragrance. 

The scents of choice for car bomb air fresheners are pine, cherry, and fresh cotton, which are great to get rid of all unpleasant smells while giving your car a fresh atmosphere. 

Considered as the most potent car air freshener, scent bombs have been used in offices, hotels, restaurants, and now in cars. 

Spray/atomizer car air fresheners

Spray air fresheners are popular and easy to use. 

The liquid-gaseous perfume comes packed in a pressurized can that can be sprayed whenever an offensive smell is noticed. 

This type of car air freshener usually is not long-lasting because air continually moves in and out of the car, requiring you to spray the car at regular intervals. When used regularly, they will keep your car smelling nice and fresh.

Plug-in car air fresheners

The plug-in freshener is another popular choice and uses an oil-based compound enclosed within a plastic housing. 

Plug-in car air fresheners require to be plugged into your car’s power outlet to work. 

When that is done, the air freshener will slowly release the aroma stored within. 

Plug-in car air fresheners usually contain fragrances made from natural oils and include no artificial ingredients. 

This makes them a perfect choice for environmentally conscious people.

Sticky Gel car air freshener

The sticky gel car air freshener is made with a solid, sticky gel that contains the fragrant oil. 

It easily sticks to any dry surface in the car and does not require the use of adhesive. 

An excellent benefit of this type of car air freshener is that it lasts longer than all the previously discussed types of car air fresheners.

However, since it does not rely on the air vents or any form of propulsion, the sticky gel car air freshener is not as effective at eliminating more pungent odors inside the car.

Diffuser car air fresheners

Diffusers are also referred to as car vent air fresheners. 

You easily attach them to your cars A/C vent, and they will release their pleasant aroma into the car’s atmosphere. 

The fragrance, usually stored in refillable pads, is 100% natural and made using essential oils. 

You can simply replace the fragrance pad when the fragrance reduces in strength and keep enjoying clean, fresh, and pleasant air.


The placement of your car air freshener is entirely dependent on the type of air freshener you decide to use.

Cardboard air fresheners– Simply hang them on your rear-view mirror or the handle of your passenger seat and enjoy the refreshing fragrance.

Sticky gel fresheners – These can be placed on any even dry surface of your car. They are usually placed on the dashboard and emit a soothing fragrance into the car.

Spay/atomizer air fresheners – These are gaseous or liquid pressurized sprays in a can. You are required to spray them regularly to overpower any foul odor.

Oil diffusers – They are attached to the ac vents of the car through its wick; when the AC is switched on, the air blowing from the vent mixes with the perfumed oil and is released into the car’s atmosphere.

Vent sticks – These are also attached to the ac vent of your car with a clip. When the AC is switched on, the air coming from the vents will merge with the delightful scent and release fragrant air into the car.

Scent Bombs – The best place to place your scent bomb is in the center of the car, so its effect can spread to the whole vehicle.


There are several reasons why your car may stink.

Smell from daily use

The smells from daily use have the tendency of lingering in your car. 

When accumulated, they will leave your car stinking so severely. 

You’re a smoker

If you are a smoker, the smell stays inside the car, even with your best efforts to avoid that by cracking a window down or directing the smoke outside. 

After a while, your car begins smelling poorly. 

Sweat and perspiration

From your body, clothes, your passenger’s clothes, boots, and much more. 

When left unchecked, this slight smell becomes offensive and starts stinking up your car.

A fault in your car

Your car might stink due to various faults. For example, an exhaust smell in your car points to an exhaust leak or a failing catalytic converter.


If you have pets and regularly carry them in your car, their smell will likely float around in the interior of the car.


It is essential to keep your car clean and fresh-smelling as it not only gives you a pleasant ride; it affects your mood on the road.

Your car’s smell also creates the first impression for your passengers. When someone enters your car, and it smells filthy and is stinking, it reflects negatively on your hygiene. 

This can be avoided by a whiff of an air freshener; it will have the entire confines of your car smelling pleasant, making you feel relaxed and uplifted. 

Using an air freshener gives your car a comfortable and pleasant fragrance; it is an uncomfortable experience driving in a car that smells badly. 

A car air freshener will help you eliminate all unwanted smells and make your car’s interiors a more enjoyable place to be in.

We often drive with the car windows rolled up; this makes it hard for fresh air to flow into and circulate within the car. 

This often leads to an unpleasant drive as bad smells emanate from the car. 

A whiff from an air freshener will help give you the sensation of freshness without you having to keep the windows rolled down. 

Disinfectant properties; Air fresheners are created using ingredients that help eliminate airborne pathogens that float around the atmosphere of your car. 

As people get in your vehicle, they bring in germs and bacteria from their time outside into the car. 

An air freshener makes the air quality inside your car better, giving you a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

To conclude, these advantages are but a few in the long list of benefits you get when you use a car air freshener.

You are advised to get a car air freshener right away for your car without delaying the purchase. 

Having a car freshener in your car definitely makes your ride better. 

Just ensure that you avoid artificial ones and select ones made with natural ingredients, especially those made using essential oils.


The general advice for choosing a car fragrance is not to get influenced by other’s choices. 

You are the one driving, and so you need to get something that you are comfortable with. 

What we can give are pointers.  

You must avoid ones made with artificial fragrances and go for all-natural ones. 

Preference should be given to air fresheners made using essential oils.

When choosing fragrances, select a smell that makes you happy, exuberant, or reminds you of a pleasant experience. 

The two air fresheners below are the best for your muscle car;

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

A famous car air freshener, Little Trees hanging air fresheners are available in a variety of fragrances. 

One such fragrance is Black Ice, which has become a popular choice with muscle car owners mainly due to its musky and masculine smell. 

It can last up to 2 months when used correctly. 

They come in packs on Amazon, and so you can quickly replace one as soon as it expires.

Buy Little Trees (all fragrances) on Amazon.

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Regarded as the world’s longest-lasting vehicle air freshener, the PURGGO Car Freshener can be attached to the back of your seat using the headrest. 

The PURGGO Car air freshener is able to last over 365 days and doesn’t merely cover up bad smells; it uses bamboo charcoal to absorb these smells, totally eliminating them from the interior of your car. 

It is natural, scent-free, non-toxic, and harmless for children and pets.

Buy PURGGO Car Air Freshener on Amazon.


No car owner, especially if you are a muscle car owner should be driving a stinky ride.

It is just a bad look.

But you know what isn’t a bad look?

Yenko muscle cars.

They are vintage and just awesome.

Tons of history with very interesting twists and turns in terms of how they exist today.

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