Best Exhaust Tips For Dodge Charger | Buying Guide

“Exhaust tips do not change the sound for your Dodge Charger!”

You read that right.

There is a debate in many Dodge Charger owner’s mind on whether or not exhaust tips change the sound of your Dodge Charger as you rip through the highway.

Pitch? Maybe.

Sound? Probably not.

But that does not mean they are useless.

Just like when you are making the decision to choose between Mopar vs Weathertech floor mats, every car part plays an integral part in your car driving experience.

If you already decided between Boss 338 vs Ridler 695 wheels, that’s good.

But right now, we are talking about the exhaust system, more specifically the exhaust tips.

  • Do exhaust tips change loudness?
  • Do exhaust tips make my Dodge Charger quiet?

In this article, we will discuss what are the best exhaust tips for your Dodge Charger.

We will also go one step beyond that and talk about how you can go about actually changing the loudness of your exhaust system.

Best Exhaust Tips For Dodge Charger

  • Borla 20248 4” Exhaust Tips
  • Flowmaster 15391 4” Quad Exhaust Tips

Borla 20248 4” Exhaust Tips

The Borla 20248 exhaust tips are just one of their many innovative exhaust tip designs.

A proud American company since 1978, Borla has been making premium exhaust tips for all vehicles.

Is there anything new for this exhaust tip version?

  • Stainless steel material – This is common and should be your standard
  • Silver color
  • Outlet diameter 4” – the perfect size for your Dodge Charger
  • Inlet diameter 2.25”
  • 3.25lbs 
  • Weld-on installation

This is how they can look when installed:

Flowmaster 15391 4” Quad Exhaust Tips

The Flowmaster 15391 4” Quad Exhaust Tips are the perfect finishing touch for your Dodge Charger.

Not only does Flowmaster design great mufflers and exhaust systems, but you can also just swap out your exhaust tips if you need a little bit of oomph for your Dodge Charger.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • 4” outer diameter
  • 2.5” inner diameter – OEM pipe size
  • 7.5” tip length
  • Weld-on installation

Best Dodge Charger Exhaust Tip Size

4” or 5” exhaust tips are the crowd favorites.

Anything smaller and you do not fit the image of being a Dodge Charger owner.

The 2” or 3” exhaust tips look out of place on a Dodge Charger.

Best Sounding Dodge Charger Exhaust

You have two options:

  1. Do you want a whole exhaust system?
  2. Do you want to replace the mufflers or resonators?

Source: Researchgate

Both of these options can change the sound of your Dodge Charger exhaust volume but they will be priced accordingly.

In the previous section, I listed and described the best exhaust tips for a Dodge Charger.

Changes to the exhaust tips or the tailpipe will, at best, have minimal changes to sound pitch and volume.

They are mainly a cosmetic upgrade.

Physics still applies to new installations of exhaust tips:

  • Larger tips, larger diameter – You will have a more throaty sound
  • Smaller tips, smaller diameter – You will have a more raspy sound

Tone will be affected by the size of your exhaust tip.

What about loudness?

Using and revving up a truck, this was the difference between sound loudness:

  • 4” exhaust tip – 1124 dB
  • 6” exhaust tip – 1139 dB

This is a 0.013% difference in sound loudness from a 4” exhaust tip to a 6” exhaust tip.

It can be observed that slightly larger exhaust tips will not have any significant difference in sound volume.
To truly make a difference in sound, you will need to replace or upgrade your muffler.

Flowmaster Super 44s

The Flowmaster Super 44s are a favorite muffler for Dodge Charger owners.

They are under a bigger brand Holley, which specialized in all sorts of car accessories.

They will change the sound of your exhaust.

What can we expect?

  1. An aggressive sound – This will make your exhaust sound deep and rumbling.
  2. 2.5” inlet
  3. 2.5” outlet
  4. 10lbs weight
  5. Dual-chamber

Corsa 14996BLK Cat Back Exhaust

This Corsa exhaust system is designed specifically for  6.4L V8 Dodge Charger R/Ts and Scat Packs.

It is the complete package.

  • An entirely U.S.A. made product
  • 304 Stainless Steel – This is what you want. You do not want any mild steel garbage.
  • Custom tones – Aggressive exhaust
  • Includes muffler, axle pipes, band clamps and exhaust tips
  • New Corsa technology – No drone, reflective sound cancellation (RSC)
  • Easy installation
  • 70lbs in weight

You will replace your OEM exhaust system for this upgrade in sound, quality, and experience.

Now, you may wonder why Dodge Chargers are so cheap compared to why Nissan GTRs are so expensive.

Quad vs dual exhaust tips sound difference

The quad exhaust tips may have a deeper, rumbling sound compared to a dual exhaust tip.

However, this can vary greatly depending on so many different variables.

But with a quad exhaust tip, there are several immediate factors that could point to why there is a deep, rumbling sound:

  1. Two channels of exhaust tips for sound to travel through
  2. Sound traveling through two adjacent mediums

Though these are small subtle differences, they can affect pitch.

An easy example of this is musical instruments, where closing certain channels will lower or raise the pitch of the instrument.

If you want a permanent change in your Dodge Charger’s exhaust sound, you should review my previous section above on how to change your muffler or exhaust system to fit your needs. 

Wrapping It Up

We narrowed down the best exhaust tips for your Dodge Charger and looked at how you might want to permanently change your exhaust sounds.

We have also decided on the best oils you should be using along with the best batteries.

You should be well-armed and informed about the perfect materials and products that your Dodge Charger.  

Is it too late to upgrade or change your exhaust tips?

If it is not too late to install an oil catch can, I am confident you can still upgrade your exhaust tips or exhaust system without having to worry.

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