Boss 338 Wheels vs Ridler 695 | Buying Guide

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Which wheels should I rock with, the boss 338s or the ridler 695s?

If you are just getting started in the world of muscle cars, we have you covered.

Tires are something that can be added to enhance the feel of the car, as well as give it a sturdier look.

With the wide range of wheels and tires that are out on the market, it can be difficult for any newer car guy to find a set of wheels that works for them.

However, we make this process easier by comparing the main features of different types of wheels so that you know what you are getting.

In this article, we will be comparing the Boss 338 to the Ridler 695 wheels.

We will be covering the main qualities that the wheels have, the pros and cons of each, as well as a link for each set so that you can easily purchase them.

So, let’s get started.

Before choosing wheels

If this is your very first-time purchasing wheels, you should understand a few fundamental topics before picking a wheel only to realize that it doesn’t fit.

We will go over what you should look for and consider before purchasing your wheels.

Wheel sizing

The first aspect of fit to discuss is in diameter.

The diameter of a wheel is the measurement from the outside of the rim to the opposite side through the center.

The most popular wheel size in America is 15”, with 16” being a close second.

You can find both Boss and Ridler wheels ranging from anywhere between 16” to 20”.

The size of your wheel depends largely on what you are looking for.

Usually, those want a larger size due to looks, or because they plan on using their vehicle to tow or carry heavy loads.

If you are looking for performance, you may want to be slightly more conservative on tire sizing as the greater the size, the more additional weight your car has to carry which will lead to decreased performance.

The width of a wheel is the distance from one bead seat to the other.

Wider widths will allow more of your tire to make contact with the ground which will improve your vehicle’s performance when it comes to acceleration, handling, and braking.

The offset of a wheel is the distance from the hub-mounting surface to the wheel’s true centerline.

Offset is measured in mm and can be either positive or negative.

A positive offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the edge of the wheel whereas a negative offset will be closer to the inside edge of the wheel.

Too much of an offset will be too close to the suspension components while a wheel with too much of a negative offset will be too close to the edge of the fender which can result in clearance issues.

The bolt pattern will determine whether or not a given wheel is compatible to your car.

The bolt pattern is the number and position of the bolt holes on the wheel that must be lined up with your vehicle’s studs on the hub-mounting surface.

Tire considerations

When purchasing new wheels, it is also ideal to purchase new tires at the same time.

When looking at whether a wheel will fit your car or not, you also have to take into account the size of the tire you have in mind of installing.

Otherwise, you may find you have clearance problems in the middle of installing the tires.

Do you want a staggered wheel fitment?

For vehicles with a RWD, some owners opt to purchase different sized wheel/tires for their back wheels than for the front wheels.

Looks play a role in their decision, but performance does as well as wheels larger in diameter will offer performance benefits.

However, the downsides of having staggered wheels is that you aren’t able to effectively rotate your wheels, and you will have to purchase separate tires for the front and the back.

But this is just something you might want to take into consideration.

Our advice

The best advice we have to offer for those looking to get started into changing their wheels on their muscle car is to find something that has a 100% guaranteed chance to fit.

There’s no point in doing research on different offsets if you’ve never had experience installing a wheel, or if you don’t even know how many millimeters you have for clearance between your wheel and your fender.

You’re better off getting something basic and then adjusting from there as you gain more and more experience.

Boss 338 Wheels

Boss motorsport wheels is a large wheel brand created by American Eagle Wheels, one of the most well-known wheel brands in America.

Though Boss has been around for ages, sadly, their company has shut down.

This means that they are not producing any more wheels.

However, you can still find them online through eBay or at your local parts store, and you will find them to be a common choice for newbie drivers.

It comes in alloy or chrome, depending on what suits your needs the best.

Overall, a popular set of wheels from the past, but still great nevertheless.


  • Classic 5-spoke design fitted for a hot rod
  • Great aesthetic on your chevy muscle car


  • Hard to find nowadays

Ridler 695 Wheels

On the other hand, Ridler is another fantastic wheel company that is still up and running to this day.

Ridler provides custom wheels for hot rods, restos, classics, muscle cars, and many more.

The 695 comes all the way from 17”x7” all the way to 20×10” allowing much more flexibility in sizing and design.

The 695’s also come in chrome, Matte Black with machine lip or ring, and grey with machine ring.


  • Wider range of sizes to choose from
  • Greater variation in styles and color


  • Might not be the aesthetic for everyone


Two wheels that are great… the retro Boss 338s and the upcoming Ridler 695s.

Depending on your muscle car, you should definitely make sure you get the sizing right.

Is there even a “bad” choice though?

And you know something else…

Make sure you have great floor mats as well for your muscle cars.

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