Why is Oil not Sticking to the Dipstick?

Having low oil levels, a light oil mixture, a slick dipstick, or a new car are reasons why your oil is not sticking onto the dipstick. One common issue that many car owners face is the problem of oil not sticking to the dipstick. If you’re new to auto maintenance and don’t know exactly what … Read more

Is it Safe to Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

As much as we love cars, they’re not perfect. Even high-performance, reliable vehicles have their fair share of issues despite years of automotive innovation. For example, modern fuel injection systems may be state-of-the-art technology, but they still malfunction every so often. A common issue that fuel injection systems suffer from is shoddy fuel pump relays. … Read more

Is the FAST Intake Worth the Money?

If you’re interested in upgrading muscle cars, you may have heard people talking about the FAST intake manifold and question whether it’s worth the money.  After looking at our list of the five best Ford Thunderbirds, I believe you know what your money is worth. As many car crafters know, swapping out the factory-provided intake … Read more

Best Exhaust Tips For Dodge Charger | Buying Guide

“Exhaust tips do not change the sound for your Dodge Charger!” You read that right. There is a debate in many Dodge Charger owner’s mind on whether or not exhaust tips change the sound of your Dodge Charger as you rip through the highway. Pitch? Maybe. Sound? Probably not. But that does not mean they … Read more

Best Oil Catch Can For Dodge Chargers

Dodge Chargers are cheap in today’s market. Getting one today and using the best oils and best batteries for your engine will allow you to enjoy your Dodge Charger to the fullest.   If you are using a high-quality oil with a low volatility rate, having carbon deposits in your inlet valves is less of an … Read more

Is It Too Late To Install An Oil Catch Can?

It’s not too late to install an oil catch can as it can help improve the efficiency of your car. Running a direct injector engine for 16,000 km (9,942 miles) showed an average decrease of 82% in carbon deposits in the inlet valves when using an oil catch can. This is a drastic difference since … Read more

Dodge Charger Winter Repair Costs Guide

A Dodge Charger winter repair costs guide… I want something right in front of me to check off from. If you are thinking about getting a Dodge Charger as a first car because it is cheap or you are wondering about the potential costs of driving a Dodge Charger in the winter, stick around for … Read more

What You Need To Know About Big Cam Brake Problems

WHY THE BIG CAM HAS BRAKE PROBLEMS Your vehicle’s engine is basically a huge air pump. To pump that air, it must first pull it in through the intake valves to where the piston will suck in the air to mix with the fuel.  The piston then compresses air with each crankshaft stroke, creating an … Read more

Are the Dodge Challenger Brake Pads Great Or Nay?

The Dodge challenger is a series of strong muscle cars that have endeared road users for several decades.  One of the important things done to maintain your car is to manage the brake pads properly.  The brake pad features a frictional material that comes in contact with the brake disc.  It’s important to ensure the … Read more