The Corvette has a great engine, good speed, around 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space, and competitive technology that allows it to compete with other competitors. With these combinations along with a cheap price point and adequate fuel conversation, the Corvette is a good daily driver.

A daily driver car is a popular term in the car industry. The word ‘daily driver car’ is a car you can drive any day or anytime during your routine outing or everyday affairs. There are a lot of questions concerning which cars are fit to be daily drivers. 

Does a corvette have what it takes to be a daily driver? 

Can a luxury car be used as a daily driver? If you look at our top Ford Thunderbirds, you will know clearly why the answer is a yes.

What are the features a car must have to be called a daily driver? Here we answer if a corvette is a daily driver.


  1. Comfort –  One of the things people look out for when purchasing a car for daily use is comfort. You can’t consider buying a vehicle that is not comfortable for everyday use. If you have a spouse or kids, there should be a comfortable space in the car. Daily drivers are usually known to be comfortable for daily use.
  1. Compact – Daily driver cars are comfortable but compact at the same time. Compact cars are easy to drive for everyday use. They are small but also have all the necessary features for a smooth ride when using them daily.
  1. Good look – A daily driver’s car should have a good appearance. A vehicle that you will be driving almost every time should look excellent. When you move around and people spot your car, they admire it.
  1. Fuel Conservation – This is an essential feature of a daily driver’s car. A car that cannot conserve fuel effectively may not be suitable for regular use, especially long-distance trips. Fuel conservation is one of the features people consider when purchasing a particular car product.
  1. Good Engine – You don’t want to use a car that doesn’t have a strong engine daily. Such cars break down easily, and this can be frustrating having to repair or adjust something in the engine regularly. Every daily driver car has a good engine capable of standing strong even with everyday use as long as one follows the maintenance policy.
  1. Passenger Friendly – Every daily driver has a comfy passenger space and should be easy to navigate. So, issues with turning off interior lights should be simple and straightforward.
  1. Trunk Space – Some luxury cars do not have much trunk space. It can barely contain shopping bags or groceries. Daily driver car should have enough trunk space that can accommodate grocery bags and two or more luggage. 
  1. Good Speed – People use daily driver cars every day, but it doesn’t mean they should move at a snail pace. It is usually part of a daily driver car features, good speed. It may not be extremely high speed, but the considerable speed and acceleration are part of what makes up a daily driver.
  1. Advanced Technology – Advanced technology is not only for the unique cars you take on special occasions. Daily driver cars boast of advanced technology features like satellite systems and push button starts.
  1. Cost of Maintenance – A daily driver’s car will experience wear and tear due to everyday use; this is why daily driver’s cars should be cars that are not expensive to maintain.
  1. Price – Daily driver cars can be expensive sometimes and it may not, it depends on individual’s preference. The pricey vehicles are quite costly to maintain. Price is what an individual must consider when purchasing a vehicle for everyday use.


A cheap corvette is primarily known as a luxurious sports car. Most people do not understand the tremendous value until it is used as your everyday car. 

Having a corvette is a combination of a fantastic sports car and an everyday drive car in one package. 

These features make the Corvette a primary transportation choice instead of other luxury cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari. 

Or even mid-tier luxury cars like the expensive Nissan GTR.

Here are features that characterize a corvette as a daily driver car

  1. Load Capacity – The load space of a Corvette is one of the reasons why a corvette is a daily driver. When we talk of space, not just room for a handbag, we are talking about good space. The Corvette has a quality space containing few things like grocery bags, duffel bags for a short weekend getaway, and a booster seat for kids. You notice the storage spaces at the rear side of the engine and the front of the cabin. The cargo space is estimated to be about 12.6 cubic feet.
  1. Heat Insulating Trunk –  If you are still considering if a corvette is a daily driver, this is another answer to your question. The trunk of a corvette has a unique feature that makes it suitable for everyday driving. When one places a cold food or package in the car trunk, the engine’s heat shielding prevents cold beverages, ice cream, or groceries from getting destroyed. Hence, the heat of the engine does not destroy frozen products.
  1. Quality Engine – As stated earlier, every daily driver’s car must have a strong engine. The corvette car is not an exception. It has a quality engine that ranges between  490- 495 horsepower befitting a daily driver car. The corvette car has one engine, which is a petrol engine. The specification of the petrol engine is 6161cc; this also exists as an automatic transmission. The corvette car has a 6.5-liter V-8 fuel capacity. Other superb features include:
  • A dual-mode exhaust function.
  • Torque of 470 pound-feet (Ib -ft) at 5150 rpm. Maximum torque is 819Nm at 3800rpm.
  • A limited-slip rear differential that is electronic.
  • Fast action brakes. The type of front brake is Disc, as well as the type of rear brake. We are talking about a distance of brake of about 149 feet from 70 mph. It also has a quality MR ( Magnetorheological) damper.
  • Summer tires suitable for high-performance daily driver cars, tires that can operate well on either dry roads or wet roads. So whatever the weather, the corvette has you covered. 
  1. Speed and Acceleration –  The Corvette has a sports car top speed and can also be used as a daily driver car at the same time. The speed of the Corvette is around 194 mph at 312km/h. You can reach a quarter-mile with a speed of 122 mph at 11.2 seconds. Acceleration is powerful at about 0 – 100kmph at 3.5seconds. 

The Corvette eight-speed dual-clutch is an automatic function by pushing the gear selector button, which you can see on the console at the center. There are also two large shift paddles where the steering wheel mounts the shift. In addition, there are eight cylinders and four valves for each cylinder. This is ideal especially in instances you need to get somewhere fast.

  1. Fuel Conservation – One of the major features that characterize the Corvette as a daily driver is that it economizes fuel effectively. As stated earlier, a daily driver’s car needs to conserve energy considering it is for everyday use. The average fuel economy of the Corvette is 15 mpg city / 27 highway / 19 mpg city/ highway/ combined. 

A corvette covering close to 400 miles with an average speed of 79mph has average fuel conservation of 25.4 mpg. This fuel economy ratings of the corvette car are one of a kind. ARAI ( Automotive Research Association of India) mileage is 10.5 kmpl, and City Mileage is 7.2 kmpl.

  1. Price – Surprisingly, you can purchase a corvette at a reasonable price. Just like a cheap Dodge Charger.

It is pretty cheap when you compare it to several sports cars that have the exact specifications. Corvettes are very affordable, with a price range of $59,900 – $79,315.

More features listed include:

  • Muffled Exhaust sounds.
  • Corvette is a two-seater, comfy car.
  • Length is 4475mm, and width is 1928mm.
  • Corvette is a coupe and convertible.
  • Corvette coupe’s roof is a lifting type with its roof panel for an open-air car experience.
  • Smooth handling system.

Few features classify the Corvette as not suitable to be a daily driver car. 

They are :

  1. Limited Edition – Daily driver cars should not be limited in production. The Corvette convertible car is quite exclusive and limited in production despite the friendly price.
  1. Long Doors – The corvette car has long doors, making it almost impossible to step out in a tight parking space. These doors are different from other regular car doors. You can’t open the doors fully if you park in a narrow area. We are talking about 2.5 – 3 feet of door space to come out of the car entirely and comfortably. If one attempts to force the door open in a tight parking space, this can damage the door. It may not be too good for a daily driver.
  1. Comfort and Space –  The Corvette is a two-seater car. It may not be too comfortable for a tall long-leg individual. We are specifically talking of a height of someone more than 6-feet 7- inches tall. A daily driver’s car should be comfortable for everyone. A four-seater may be better suited for a daily driver role especially if you have a family.  


Is a corvette a daily driver? Here, we have highlighted some major features that make the corvette car a daily driver. 

It is an excellent choice with cargo space, a strong engine, top speed, and advanced technology. Undoubtedly, the Corvette is a daily driver that suits your everyday needs. So, you do not need to worry if the Corvette is a good first car just like you wonder if a Mustang is a good first car.

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