What Are Deep Dish Muscle Car Wheels?

You probably have heard of deep dish wheels. 

If you are wondering what deep dish wheels are, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will discuss deep dish wheels and how they differ from regular wheels

Deep dish wheels are essentially wider-than-usual wheels that have a ‘deep dish’ between the spokes and the outer lip. 

Deep dish wheels are great for cosmetic purposes as they drastically improve a car’s appearance. 

Several people believe that deep dish wheels give a car a streamlined custom appearance.

The outer lips on a regular wheel are right in front of the spokes, meaning there is no ‘barrel’ connecting the outer lips to the spokes. 

On a deep dish wheel, there is a significant amount of distance between the outer lip and the spokes, so there is a ‘barrel’ connecting the outer lip to the spokes.


Knowing the most suitable deep dish wheel for your muscle car requires you to have basic knowledge of deep dish wheels. 

I will in this chapter walk you through the process of recognizing just which deep dish wheel is best for your muscle car. 

I will discuss everything you are required to take into considerations, such as the top brands, size, diameter, finish, offset, and bolt pattern.

Wheel Size;

The size of your deep dish wheel is of course dependent on the type of muscle car you drive. 

However, you do not have to fret if you do not know the wheel dimensions of your car.

Simply visit this site, select your vehicles’ make, model, and year of production. 

You would be provided with diameters of deep dish wheels that would be perfect for your muscle car. 

All you have to do is decide on the Brand, Finish, bolt pattern, material, and offset.

Top Brands;

We’ll discuss more on the top deep dish wheels for muscle cars in a later chapter; however, the names below are the top 6 brands in deep dish rims as voted by users:

  • Enkei
  • BBS
  • OZ Racing
  • America Racing
  • Konig.


This depends on your taste; the popular options available include black, bronze, gray, and silver. 

With Black being the most selected option for muscle cars.

Bolt pattern;

The bolt pattern consists of the number of bolts and the diameter of the theoretical circle they create (BCD). 

The BCD can either be expressed in millimeters or inches. 

Bolt patterns that have an even number of bolts are measured from ‘bolt center’ to ‘bolt center’. 

While 5 lug bolt patterns are measured from ‘the center’ of the upper bolt to the ‘bottom’ of the lower bolts.

For instance, if you own a 5 lug wheel and your ‘bolt center’ measures 114.3 millimeters, your bolt pattern will be 5×114.3.

The common popular bolt pattern for muscle cars are

4×100 wheels4×114.3 wheels5×100 wheels5×112 wheels, and 5×114.3 wheels


The offset is considered one of the most difficult parts of the wheel to understand. 

Offset measures the distance from the center of the wheel to the mounting surface and is usually measured in millimeters.

It can either be a positive, negative, or 0 offset.

With a 0 (zero) offset, the mounting surface is exactly at the center of the wheel while with a positive offset, the mounting surface is to the front of the wheel. 

This is expressed as the number of millimeters from the ‘centerline’. 

With a negative offset, the ‘mounting surface’ is to the backside of the wheel. 

This is expressed as the number of millimeters from the ‘centerline’. 

For instance, if a wheel is 9 inches wide, the ‘centerline’ would be at 4.5 inches. 

A ‘positive offset’ is the number of millimeters beyond the 4.5 inches while a ‘negative offset’ is the number of millimeters in the opposing direction.

A positive offset gives the wheels the appearance that they are protruding from the wheel while a negative offset makes the wheels appear as if they are sitting deeper in the wheel well.



Those are the only wheel you should really consider for your muscle car. 

If all you want to do with your muscle car is to drive to work and then the store, you can afford to save some money and get steel wheels, however, steel wheels are about as basic as wheels can get. 

Alloy wheels are best for performance-oriented cars as they are lighter and do a much better job of dispersing heat from brakes. 

Various methods can be used in forging alloy wheels; the popular wheel production methods for muscle cars are flow-formed, cast, and forged.

Your cars’ weight is also considered when selecting what wheel is the most suitable for your muscle car. 

If you drive a Miatas, you can go for cast-aluminum wheels as they do not weigh very much. 

However, if you drive a big car like the Camaro with slick tires, you will require a stronger wheel, to ensure your wheels last longer supporting the heavier weight of your car; a forged wheel is recommended.

Whatever wheel you decide to buy, ensure that you inspect them regularly, checking for cracks because wheels are not made to last forever. 


From Ford to Chevy to Dodge, there’s something about the appeal of a muscle car with deep-dish car wheels. 

Strong retro styling matched with modern tech abilities and performance makes these beauties a delight to own if you are after something “sporty”. 

High-performance wheels, plenty of styles, plenty of room, and plenty of power all in a package. 

While deep dish car wheels look amazing on ANY muscle car, I have compiled a list of the 9 best muscle cars for deep dish wheels, based on a poll on Reddit.

  • Dodge Charger SE
  • Dodge Challenger R/T
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • 2019 Cadillac CTS-V
  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
  • 1970 Buick GSX
  • 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
  • GMC Caballero


I’ll be breaking the benefits of deep-dish car wheels into two; Performance and Looks.


Normal wheels can never look as appealing as deep dish wheels. 

This cosmetic upgrade and enhanced visual impact is a major reason so many automobile owners opt for them. 

For example, imagine a blacked-out deep dish rim on a Porsche Cayman, you now see the reason so many vehicle owners fall for them. 

Deep dish rims give a magnificent look and will completely enhance your vehicle’s appearance.


Performance tires are regularly designed to work with deep dish wheels and are the only tires that fit on the rims. 

Better heat conduction/dissipation

Alloys can better dissipate heat than steel wheels.

Alloy wheels also provide better braking performance and decrease the risk of braking failure.

Better performance

Alloy wheels reduce unsprung weight and consequently transmit less inertia to the springs, allowing the suspension to easily follow the terrain thereby giving a better grip. 

Also, a definite improvement is noticed in handling, steering, and cornering with deep dish wheels as larger diameter tires and wheels improve stability and responsiveness.

Better fuel consumption

Your gas mileage will improve because of the lighter weight. 

Alloy wheels offer quick acceleration and lower stopping motion, thereby lessening the strain on not just the car, but on your body as well.


American Racing

The company has been in existence since the 1950s and will certainly remain a classic choice for high-performance vehicles. 

American Racing is different from other brands on this list due to the fact that you won’t be seeing their wheels on a new Scion FR-S. 

You’ll probably see them on a low-rider truck or a hot rod or a classic Mustang or Camaro. 

These wheels are tested by their ATX Dirt Team at the most demanding off-road tracks in the world, including the CORR and SCORE Baja 1000 racing series. 

While you definitely may not be hitting the track anytime, these wheels are excellent for both higher speeds and racing. 

The lightweight aluminum construction method reduces the weight of your car and the vintage style has a classic look for those who love racing. 

The wheels’ quality matches their tough looks and they usually are made of pressure-forged aluminum alloys. 


The manufacturing process of Vossen wheels uses an advanced casting process to cut down on weight while increasing the strength of their wheels. 

Vossen wheels allow for a diverse variety of wheel widths for every design, affording you with the exact wheel to fit your car.


Enkei, the Japanese Corporation founded in 1950, uses an advanced manufacturing method to cast aluminum alloy wheels that’ll endure stress and pressures when racing. 

Their RP03 wheel variant is produced by blending flow-forming forging technology and MAT (Most Advanced Production) to ensure sophisticated racing in Super GT Series, Formula One, and others. 

They offer a lifetime structural warranty on their 5-spoke wheels with synthetic coating under all weather conditions. 

They are created to endure the intensity of high speeds.


For people who appreciate updating and tinkering with their cars, VMR Wheels would be just perfect for them. 

VMR wheel is dedicated to creating, and engineering new wheels to meet your current needs while complementing your mod’s design. 

Wheels produced by VMR are created in ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities.


These are simply just sleek. 

If you wish to make a statement, you should definitely go for Vöxx MGA wheels. 

They come in a wide variety of sizes like 15 and 16inch sizes, as well as 17, 18, and 20inch sizes.


Established in Germany, BBS has steadily grown from producing 3-piece auto parts to manufacturing alloy wheels for Formula One racing. 

BBS has consistently been voted as ‘Best Brand’ by ‘Sports Auto’ of Germany every year since 19995.

Their multi-spoke wheel combined with the legendary RS design is the symbol of technological marvel.

Their wheels are manufactured using high-tech methods without cutting the aluminum stock. 

It is rather forged to retain its high grain density matrix, giving high durability and strength while racing. 


Made in Italy, OZ Racing produces lightweight alloy wheels that will not only have your car looking exceptional, but also running smoothly. 

They have custom forged wheels, designed just for you, giving you a wheel that is tailor-made for your specific vehicle. 

Using utmost precision, OZ Racing creates wheels that you can be proud of.


Konig also uses MAT, most advanced production, technology to produce its wheels.

The 12-spoke alloy wheel construction is produced to perfection, retaining its aesthetic looks. 

Available in various styling options and inches, Konig wheels are lighter and strong, featuring improved shock resistance, and better elongation, allowing for increased load capacity.


People often use wheel and rim interchangeably but they are not the same.

Many people use the term ‘wheel’ as a ‘rim’ meaning the complete metal part to which the car tire is mounted since the rim and wheel are normally cast from a single piece of metal.

The principal difference between a wheel and a rim is that the rim is not the whole wheel but simply a part of the wheel.

The major parts of the wheel are the rim and the disc.

Picture credit: DecibelCar

The hub can also be considered as a part of the wheel. 

It is the wheelbase with studs with which the wheel is fastened to the suspension.


The vehicle wheel is an important component of a car, and the choice of the wheel is often a considerable factor in how smooth and safe the ride is. 

Once you know what metal and manufacturing style you want, you’ll still have plenty of style options. 

There are several different types of wheels and knowing which variety is best for your vehicle would greatly help improve your ride.

When it comes to picking the right wheel for your car, the options can be quite overwhelming. 

However, the 3 wheels below are the great options from Amazon for your Mustang muscle car.

  1. OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Fit Ford Mustang 17×10.5/17×9 Staggered Rims SET.
  2. OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Fit Mustang 17×8 Rims SET
  3. 17×10.5 Wheel Fits Ford Mustang REAR FITMENT ONLY

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