Dodge Charger Winter Repair Costs Guide

A Dodge Charger winter repair costs guide… I want something right in front of me to check off from.

If you are thinking about getting a Dodge Charger as a first car because it is cheap or you are wondering about the potential costs of driving a Dodge Charger in the winter, stick around for a full list of problematic issues to look out for.


One of the worst things you can do is to use your windshield wipers to clear away the ice.

The ice is really small shards that will create tiny holes on your wipers.

Over time, your wipers will be useless and not wiping anything.

Here are two solutions:

One you can place a snow cover blanket on top of the windshield and let your wipers hang free. This way, you can avoid the issue of freezing sheets of ice altogether.

Two, you can add isopropyl alcohol to your washer fluid.

This will lower the freezing temperature of the solution, preventing the ice from solidifying on the windshield.

With that said, the wipers consist of two parts, the motor that moves the wipers and the wiper itself.

Wipers can cost around $50 and the wiper motor can cost around $200.

Door Handles

Frozen doors are a thing for Dodge chargers.

The door handle is attached to a tiny rod, and once you apply too much pressure, it will break.

The solution?

If it is too difficult or tough, quit trying to open the door.

Try to get in through a different door.

The cost of an exterior door handle can be around $300, without a paint job. Add an extra $200 for the paint job and that should be the price for the total package.


Your brake rotors should last you around 70,000 miles in average conditions.

However, in the winter with snow, ice, and salt, it is a good idea to get your rotors and brake pads inspected to check for uneven wear.

Replacing the rotors and brake pads for all 4 wheels should cost around $1000.

Exterior Lens

Both the exterior lens and the lightbulb on the front or the rear may need to be repaired this winter.

The lightbulb can go out.

It also emits heat and with the snow/ice outside, it weakens the exterior lens.

Overall, the lightbulbs can go for $10 per bulb or you can get multiple for a better price. $100 for the exterior lens and $50 for the connector/harness.

Wheel balance

If your wheels start to vibrate or you have 20lbs of snow and ice inside the wheel, you will feel out of balance.

It is a good idea to keep your wheels gravel-free, ice-free, salt-free and snow-free.

A scraping noise is usually a sign that ice has accumulated on the wheel and is ignored. 

Your tire then scrapes on the ice, causing tire damage.

Wheel realignment can cost $50 per tire.

Spark Plugs

Overall, your spark plugs should last between 1-2 years.

But if you have a Dodge Charger in a winter environment, having good spark plugs will ensure that you have better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

It is likely that you think your spark plugs will fail in the winter but colder temperatures make your batteries “less powerful.”

Cold weather increases electrical resistance, which can yield multiple failed starts.

The solution? Wait a few minutes and try again.

Warm-up your car before you hit the road. 

Also, check the gapping as gapped spark plugs use less energy to create the spark necessary to start your engine.

Also, check if your spark plugs are fouled or worn down. 

This will occur over time and should be obvious.

Spark plugs cost $5-10 per plug but will cost $250 for professional service.

Window regulator

A window regulator should last you around 2 years. 

But in a harsh winter where your window is frozen, the window regulator is under extra stress.

If your window does not move when given instructors, do not force the issue especially in the winter.

The regulator can snap and break quickly, dropping your window and breaking it.

Window regulators can cost upward of $400.

Water pump

Your water pump and timing belt are not replaced often.

It should last you around 100,000 miles.

One rule of thumb is to not use your washers when it is below freezing. Why?

Ice can get into your reservoir it will damage your pump.

The best thing to do is wait for the ice to thaw and to use your washers again. But by that time, your pump is already damaged.

One temporary fix is to flush out the pump using hot water to help with deicing but if your pump is busted, you will need to replace it.

A new water pump with a timing belt can cost around $750.

Honorable Mentions

While you should check on the above list before winter starts, here are a few more boxes on your checklist that you might want to watch out for.

After all, nobody wants to do a Dodge Charger winter repair when they are stranded in a winter blizzard or on the highway.

PCV Valve

PCV valves can last a lifetime.

Some newer cars do not even have a PCV valve installed.

But with an older Dodge Charger, you should be aware of the warning signs of a bad PCV valve.

Getting this fixed can cost around $100. 

Throttle body

While there is no definite time to get your throttle body cleaned, it is recommended to get it checked every 70,000 miles.

But a true warning sign for a malfunctioning throttle body is poor or rough idle. There could even be stalling even when the engine is warmed up.

Throttle body cleaning service can cost up to $250 but the throttle body cleaning kit is relatively inexpensive.


Your powertrain control module can last a lifetime but it can fail at any time due to moisture or power distribution issues.

Especially in the winter, moisture can seep into unknown locations but chances of this are unlikely.

Still, you want to be on top of repairs since once you get your PCM updated, you should not expect further issues.

A PCM update can cost between $100-250, depending on your professional.


And there you have it.

All of the Dodge Charger winter repair costs laid out in front of you to see.

Let me know if I missed anything.

And have a productive cruise in your Dodge Charger!

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