How long will a Hellcat last?

Dodge Hellcats can last 100k+ miles, upward to 150k miles, given that you do not beat your car down from daily drives or drag racing. There are mixed opinions about whether or not Dodge Hellcats can last you up to 200k+ miles, given that these beauties are made for enjoyment and for your limit testing.

Why would a Dodge Hellcat not last so long?

  1. Motor life

This is one of the most vital parts of the Hellcat. Some skeptics claim that these don’t last up to 150k miles, but plenty of drivers get their money’s worth.

  1. Primary fuel pump

The primary fuel pump module is on the driver’s side and is one of two fuel pumps that are implemented for the Dodge Hellcat. They are submerged in the gas tank right under the rear seat and are accessed by removing the bottom rear seat cushion.

One way of knowing that there may be an issue with installation is if you smell gasoline after fueling. This could be a warning that your O-ring is not seated properly. If it is newly installed, it may take a few days before there is no smell.

  1. Fuel rails

You may notice some power loss, around 25-30% with an error code P018C. You may be tempted to just replace the fuel rails sensors and not the entire apparatus.

You will be better off with an upfront replacement and saving yourself a headache in the future.

  1. Supercharger bearings

This is a known issue and should be covered under warranty. It has been reported that you can get the supercharger bearings replaced even beyond the warranty but you should check your local dealership.

  1. Regular maintenance items like shocks, serpentine belt

Self-explanatory as a routine cost for keeping your car healthy and functioning for the longest time available.

These are just some attributes to look at to determine how long your Dodge Hellcat would last.

And this might be the last chance you can get an authentic old-fashioned Hellcat with these reports of the new 2024 Electric Dodge muscle car.

In this new era of electric and hybrid cars, Dodge has to stay competitive and will introduce this new concept in an attempt to blow away its competitors… literally.

CEO Tim Kuniskis aims to bring a car that people didn’t see coming but will hear it coming. This new electric muscle car will be about excitement while still checking the boxes for meeting the requirements of being an electric car.

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