Why Is Infiniti G35 So Cheap?

Infiniti created the G series as a compact executive car, with the goal of merging comfort with power. One of such models under the G series is the now discontinued Nissan Infiniti G35. Though Nissan no longer produces G35 and economics dictates that with limited supply, prices rise. However, this logic doesn’t work with this vehicle. This begs the question – why is the Infiniti G35 cheap?

A significant reason the Infiniti G35 is cheap is due to its outdated technology. There’s also the feeling that the G35 doesn’t offer much else apart from its powerful engine. Additionally, there have been problems associated with the Infiniti brand that has caused a bias against all their cars.

These points become even clearer when we examine the reliability of the Infiniti G35. Furthermore, we look at the maintenance costs of the Infiniti G35 to determine how it affects the automobile’s price. 

Reasons That Make Infiniti G35 Cheap

For A Luxury Car, the Interior Is Disappointing

One of the first complaints from intending buyers is disappointment with the interior. Not only doesn’t it not scream luxury and class as it should, but some parts don’t last long as well. Why buy a luxury brand if its interior doesn’t offer comfort beyond what ordinary cars can give? Or incorporate materials like wood trimmings and leather to stand out from the crowd.

A sample of the interior of G35’s rivals like the Acura TL, Lexus IS 350, or Hyundai Genesis Coupe reveals the stark contrast between where G35 should be and where it is. Cheap materials like hard plastics and faux leather give a cheap feel to the car. This fact applies mostly in the earlier generations.

When you have a luxury car that has a non-luxury interior, the result is a cheap car. Especially when it’s a used vehicle and the interior parts are on the verge of falling apart. The lack of a quality interior is a significant contributor to Infiniti G35 being cheap.

Technology Not Up to Par

Most Infiniti models have technology that is way behind the competition and the G35 isn’t any different. It’s supposed to challenge the class leader, the BMW 3-Series but it does not. Although it hits the bullseye in many aspects, tech isn’t one of them.

Take the 2007 Infiniti G35, for instance, many critics take points from the model for its satnav system. Even its safety features are standard, with no innovations.  ABS brakes, stability control, front, side, and overhead airbags are all standard safety.

Compared with the 2007 BMW 3-Series with these safety features and others like traction control and rollover protection system, others show the gulf in class between the two automobiles.

A lack of innovation when it comes to driving technology and safety features in G35 affects its price.

Loud Cabin Noise

Driving a G35 can be an ear-jarring experience.  The level of road noise in the cabin of G35 is exceptionally high. It might be intentional. The manufacturers want drivers to feel like they are driving race cars. In truth, the noise is a little irritating.

When driving at speeds above 85mph, the noise becomes very pronounced. The road noise lowers the pleasure derived from driving. One of the causes of the road noise is G35’s stiff suspension.

As the vehicle’s tires wear out, there is an increase in road noise in the cabin. This cabin noise is expected in the coupes. Changing the tires might help reduce the noise. The off-putting road noise contributes to the low price of the G35.

The Purpose of the Car

It was said earlier that one of the purposes of Infiniti G35 is to compete with one of the leaders of the class, the BMW 3-Series. The catch is while it can compete, Infiniti G35 also comes at a lower price than the 3-Series.

 The vehicles seem pretty matched when comparing the two, specifically engine power, torque, and fuel efficiency. Though in terms of sheer luxury, driving experience, and tech, 3-series comes out top.

The good thing about this policy from Infiniti is that while 3-Series does well in terms of sales, G35 didn’t do poorly either. Brand new G35s were inexpensive so buyers trooped there. As used cars, this trend didn’t change.


Nissan, the manufacturers of Infiniti, has a reputation for not making reliable cars. Early in their life, Nissan autos were one of the best in their class. However, they soon began to make lemons, and people began to avoid them. Unfortunately for Infiniti, while both arms are supposed to be separate, people don’t see them that way.

Apart from the Nissan bias, Infiniti also suffers from having the perception of being a poor man’s luxury car. Compared to Lexus and Acura, also luxury arms of Japanese manufacturers, Infiniti does evoke the feeling of reliability, class, and performance.

It might be because Infiniti tries everything well, so it doesn’t stand out in any area. Take G35, for example, despite a powerful engine and good fuel efficiency. It still doesn’t top command the same respect its top rivals do.

Poor Handling

Infiniti G35 has an engine that produces appreciable power and torque. In this regard, it is a true sports sedan. Unfortunately, when it comes to curves, especially when driving at speed, deficiencies start to show.

First, there’s a slower response from steering when you compare it with the BMW 3-Series. There’s also a noticeable bob at the back of the car during the turns. Many drivers claim that the handling isn’t as light or nimble as some others.

We note that some prefer the heavier handling of G35 because it makes them feel in control of the automobile. Those in the majority, however, prefer the more responsive handling of other vehicles.

Better Competitors in the Same Category

Mercedes Benz C-Class, Lexus IS350, BMW 3-Series, Audi S4, and Acura TL are all in the same class as G35. Most of these cars rank higher than G35 which they command a higher price than G35.

The primary reason for this Infiniti does many things well, but it doesn’t stand out in any of them. Taking the middle ground means the others outrank the G35 stand. Because they rank higher, the unit cost of the G35 is relatively lower. 

Recall Issues 

Once a manufacturer has several recall issues, consumer faith in the vehicle drops. Though G35’s production ended in 2008, Nissan had to recall some of the vehicles.

  • In 2010, G35 had a wire harness connecting the belt tension system (BTS) problem. This problem could be due to airbags not deploying. Manufacturers recalled more than 130,000 G35s due to this safety issue.
  • In 2009, Nissan also recalled some G35s because of problems with the components tire pressure monitoring system. Failure of the sensor means drivers might not notice when the tire pressure is low, leading to a crash.

Is Infiniti G35 Reliable?

G35 is a very reliable car, comfortable being driven hard for a long time without any problems except regular maintenance. It gets a 4.5 out of 5. Its long-lasting engine means G35s can last up to 200,000 miles without any major repairs. 

What Is the Infiniti G35 Maintenance Cost?

The yearly average maintenance cost for Infiniti G35 is $476. Since the average expenditure is below $651, it means the G35 has reasonable maintenance costs. 

Common Infiniti G35 Problems

While the Infiniti G35 is a decent automobile, it has some issues associated with it. Here are some of them.

  • Suspension Problems

There have also been complaints about the front suspension of G35s. There has been no evident cause for the early damage of the suspension. Changing suspension bushings have helped.

  • High Oil Consumption

G35 engines burn a higher-than-average volume of engine oil. This increased consumption is probably because of its powerful engine, coupled with hard driving. There’s no way to solve this problem. The only thing to do is watch your oil level to prevent engine damage.

And make sure you buy the best oil for your car as well…

  • Control Problems

Another common problem associated with Infiniti G35 is cabin controls not working. At about 85,000miles, the radio controls stop working. The issue also affects the climate control system. The only possible solution is to take it in for repairs.

  • Broken Timing Chain

A common problem with G35s is with their timing chain. They aren’t durable, mainly when put to hard use. Timing chains are supposed to last for a long time, but some owners have found their chains break at low mileage without warning.

The only way to fix this issue is to change the engine. Changing the engine is an expensive solution, costing thousands of dollars.


Infiniti G35 is the epitome of a sport sedan, doing everything expected of it. Originally made to compete with class leaders BMW 3-Series, it does all that’s required well enough. Poor handling, better rivals, cabin noise, bias, and recalls also contribute to its low value.

Overall, Infiniti G35 is a great used car with high-reliability scores and cheap maintenance costs. There might be some problems with the model, Regardless the Nissan Infiniti G35 remains an excellent bargain.

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