Why Is Infiniti Q50 So Cheap?

Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury with a powerful engine and strong transmission. Even though many critics have favorable reviews for Q50, the cars are not flying off the lots. A cursory check of the prices of used Q50s shows that they cost cheaper than other luxury sedans. So why ask, what makes Infiniti Q50 cheap?

Infiniti Q50 costs less than their rivals because there’s a lower demand for their cars, and their technology is dated. Another reason why Q50 is cheap is that their interiors aren’t as luxurious as their rivals. There have also been complaints that driving a Q50 is a refined experience when compared to rivals.

It’s not enough to understand the reasons for the relatively low value of Infiniti 50. We should also consider the car’s reliability. Examining the maintenance costs and the issues associated with Q50 is also important. 

What Makes Infiniti Q50 Cheap

Bare Interior

When we say the interior of Q50 is bare, understand we are comparing the car with its rivals like the Audi A4 and Lexus IS. These cars use more quality and luxurious materials, so drivers prefer the understated elegance of the interior of these cars to Q50.

Infiniti Q50 has a cool look on the exterior. Unfortunately, this cool look isn’t matched on the inside. Having a bland interior is forgivable if your rivals are the Toyota Corolla or the Honda Civic, not cars from Acura, BMW, and Mercedes. Car manufacturers place a premium on the exterior and interior elegance.

Since Q50 can’t compete with most of its rivals in terms of interior elegance, there’s no way it can command the price they command. The lack of a premium interior is a reason Infiniti Q50 is cheap.

Dated Technology

Another thing that counts against Q50 is that its technology is not as advanced as most rivals. An example is the infotainment system available in Q50. For instance, the car didn’t incorporate the Android Auto feature until most rivals used it for years.

Apart from not using recent technology, many older Q50s complain that the GPS takes an age to load. While it is loading, every other aspect of the infotainment system stops. Buying a luxury car means having the best of everything. Q50’s tech isn’t the best or the most recent.

The manufacturers have upped their game and improved their tach. However, experience with former models of Q50 counts against the new ones. Q50s dated tech, especially in the interior, counts against it in the used car market.

Harsh Driving Experience

For those who love driving cars where road and engine noise don’t filter into the cabin, Q50 isn’t for you. Since most people buy luxury cars for a pleasurable ride, cabin noise counts against Q50.  Many owners of the car have to install sound-deadening materials in their Q50s to reduce the noise.

Checking through reviews of the Q50, one of the most common complaints is the road noise. It puts off potential buyers, especially of the used ones. 

This might not be a feature you would want especially if you brought a brand new car for a road trip.

Low Demand

The demand for new and used Q50s isn’t very high. There are several reasons for the low demand. One of them is the fact that used Q50s have a low resale value. Another is that they depreciate rather rapidly. 

There are also issues like Q50’s competitors beating it in most specs or the dated tech. Or the handling issues.  When potential consider these factors, they turn their attention to other cars, even if their prices are higher.

As you know, low demand means that there will certainly be a fall in the price. This low demand is especially true for used Q50s. There’s a high price difference in the price of a used Q50 and an IS350.

Cramped Back Seats

Though the car is a luxury compact, the back seats of the Infiniti Q50 are a little cramped. Conclusion: there are luxury compacts like Volkswagen Arteon, Volvo S60, Mercedes C-Class that have a larger interior and offer more comfort for passengers at the back.

It’s understandable if the car is a roadster, where cramped spaces are expected. Being compact doesn’t excuse not putting passengers at the back in mind in terms of legroom. The lack of space reflects on the price of Q50.

Brand Bias

Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, even the Volvo are luxury car manufacturers all rank above Infiniti in the people’s minds. Because of the reliability issues associated with Nissan, the parent company, there is a bias against Infiniti cars.

It’s common to find Infiniti cars on the bottom of the wish list of intending buyers. Consequently, this bias affects the desire to acquire to own any of these cars, Q50 included. If we are being honest, most of the reasons for this aversion is unfounded.

Q50, for example, has a more powerful engine than IS250 and Acura TLX. It also has a strong transmission and cheap parts that are always available. The car also has a high safety rating. Until there are more positive reviews for Q50, the bias will also make the car price cheap. 

Poor Handling

For straight-line speed and handling, there are few cars in the class that can beat Q50. On the other hand, when it comes to taking curves, Q50’s poor handling becomes apparent. The problem is with the car’s unresponsive steering that experts also say is light.

Even the highest trim, Red Sport, with features supposed to aid steering in the car, doesn’t fare better. As a result, the steering feels numb and leads to a stiff riding experience. 

A powerful engine not backed by adequate control convinces the driver of control means that no one appreciates the car. Consequently, the value of Q50 remains low.

Stronger Rivals

Yes, there is a shift in the demand for compacts. Notwithstanding, competition in the class remains fierce. As rivals battle to outdo each other, the Infiniti Q50 is stuck uncomfortably in the middle. For instance, in the 2021 luxury small cars category, Q50 comes ninth.

Some cars that rank higher are the Audi pair of A4 and A5, BMW 2-Series, Genesis G70, Kia Stinger, Volvo S60, and Mercedes C-Class. Q50 does some things well, but the car doesn’t stand out in anything. This mediocrity is apparent in its rankings.

Having several better cars mean the only way left to attract patronage is to lower your price.  Therefore, the better cars come at a premium. The mediocre car has a cheap price.

Average Fuel Efficiency

In the age of rising gas costs and controlling gas emissions, a car’s fuel efficiency is important. The city gas mileage of 20 MPG is just about average (this is becoming a recurrent decimal). A4 (25 miles per gallon), 2-Series (24 miles per gallon), Stinger (22 miles per gallon), and Acura ILX (24 miles per gallon) are among the competition that offers better mileage.

So for someone who is looking for a car with fuel efficiency, Q50’s numbers are encouraging. When it comes to cars, mediocrity isn’t endearing. The poor fuel efficiency is why Q50 is overlooked, and its value is relatively low.

Is Infiniti Q50 a Reliable Car?

Q50 isn’t just reliable. The car is also quite durable. With careful driving and regular maintenance, a Q50 can last as long as 300,000 miles. The 2021 Q50 has a J.D. Power reliability score of eighty-three out of a hundred, which is great.

Is Infiniti Q50 Expensive to Maintain?

The average maintenance cost for Q50 is $648, slightly less than the average maintenance cost of $651.

What Issues Does Infiniti Q50 Have?

Here are some of the common problems associated with Infiniti Q50.

  • Brake Master Cylinder and Pump Seal Failure

The failure of the Q50’s brake master cylinder is quite common in the models between 2014 to 2016. Apart from a failure of the master cylinder, which is a major safety hazard, the seals of the brake pump also erode quickly. The leakage gets worse as time goes on.

Replacing the master cylinder is the solution to this problem. Please ensure that you don’t drive the car if you notice any problems with the brakes until it is fixed.

  • Premature Brake Wear

Normally, the brake pads of Infiniti Q50 should last as long as 50,000 miles. However, it is quite common for the pads to wear out as early as 5,000 miles. When you notice your car shuddering before coming to a stop, check the brake pads. The only way to solve this problem is to change the pads.

  • Quick Wear Out of Tires
  • Some Q50s come with inferior tires from the assembly plant. These tires wear out before they get to 10,000 miles. There have also been incidents where these tires come off at the rims. Change your tires to a higher quality one to prevent this problem.


Great safety, high-reliability scores, a great transmission, and a powerful engine. These are some of the things that you can expect from Infiniti Q50. That’s not all, the cars also last longs, they are cheap to maintain, and most importantly they come cheap.

What’s not to like about the Q50? Its interior might not be elegant as rivals, but its sleek design will turn heads all the time. If you are looking for a luxury car on a budget, get Infiniti Q50 cheap.

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