Is A Camaro A Good First Car?

Why is a Camaro a good first car?

The 2019 Camaro is a good first car because it has zero issues from the factory (zero recalls), costs $25,000 for a base model, and has decent reliability.

It’s a car that is fun to drive while being safe on the streets.

You have seen it on the TV and on the highways… you know what it looks like, and can probably distinguish it by sight. 

Even if you are not interested enough to distinguish the different models by year, it’s safe to bet that you have some kind of knowledge of how a Camaro looks like.

If you desire a powerful car with exciting looks, you can’t go wrong with the Chevrolet Camaro. 

The Camaro is a legendary muscle car that delivers a high level of performance both on the street and on the tracks. 

A rich list of high-tech goodies adds to the Camaro’s ability to captivate drivers.


The Camaro is a great option for a first car because of the reasons below;

Affordable Price Tag

The Camaro is very affordable indeed considering its engine quality. With both the V6 and V8 options available at a moderate price tag, you can get the kind of driving feature you would expect from an expensive luxury vehicle at a much lower price. 

Used models are also available at attractive prices, even when outfitted with mods.

Good Reliability

Camaros have built a good reputation for reliability and will last for a long time if they are driven appropriately. 

The 2016 model Camaro was offered with a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty and a 36,000-mile/3-year comprehensive warranty.

No recalls

Most versions of the Camaro have not seen any recalls and it boasts of a good breakdown record across the history of the models. 

A careful and sensible driver can own a Camaro in great condition for a good few decades down the road. 

You are more likely to see your Camaro’s warranty expire than you are to make a claim on it. 

That is great news for owners who require a car that will last for years.

It’s Fun To Drive

The Camaro drives like premium sports cars, making it a great all-around fun car. 

Even if you never push it to its limit (which is very likely), you will notice that the Camaro feels light, sharp, and handles corners really well. 

It generally is a joy to drive in all ways and terrain. 

The ride is constantly being improved upon and there are several different driving modes available to enable you to handle any situation. Its interior also has a modern feel, letting you enjoy your time in the driver’s seat. 

Capable Yet Economical Engines

Hardcore muscle car enthusiasts will appreciate the legendary Camaro SS and its V8 engine which churns out an exhilarating 455 horsepower. If you feel the V8 engine is too hard on gas, you can go for the more economical V6 option. 

It boasts of a healthy 335 horsepower, delivering up to 28 mpg. It’s important to note here that the V6-powered Camaro isn’t a slouch, it’s impressively fast, being able to hit 60 mph in 5.1 seconds.

Great Handling

Great handling is one of the things you will always want from a car. The Camaro has this in spades and more. 

The Chevrolet Camaro is a precision tool. It is America’s best-handling muscle car and can keep up with a lot of high-end cars on the track. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the steering system’s tight feel which further enhances handling. If you want to really compete with the best of the best, the 1LE Track Performance package is strongly recommended. It outfits your Camaro with stronger brakes, upgraded performance tires, and stiffer springs, making it a beast on the tracks.

Five-Star Crash Rating

Even the most careful driver can become a victim of another driver’s mistake. 

When it concerns safety, you want a vehicle that you can rely on if the worst happens. 

That’s why it’s pleasing to note that the Camaro has a 5-star test crash rating, lessening the risk of injury if you are involved in an accident. 

The five-star crash test rating comes with another great bonus, it helps reduce your insurance premiums.

Plenty of Standard In-Car Features

There are several features available on the Camaro that you will absolutely love. 

This impressive list of features helps make the Camaro an unbelievable buy. 

There is the Camaro’s Wi-Fi hot spot, an eight-way power-adjustable seat that ensures you are comfortable behind the wheel. Some of the other standard features include the Apple CarPlay touch-screen interface (2019 Camaro), adjustable driving modes, and an emergency communications system.

Very Powerful Brakes

You’ll be grateful for the Camaro’s powerful braking system during panic situations on the road. 

The Camaro remains stable when you step on the brake pedal. You decide to choose the heavy duty braking and cooling package if you desire an increased stopping power. 

The Camaro comes with a four piston front brake system, perfect for track use.

The Camaro is a highly recommended performance muscle car. 

You will enjoy its well-defined driving dynamics and powerful acceleration off the line. 

With the boosted ZL1 models being able to easily keep up with pricy exotic vehicles that are thousands of dollars more costly. 


The Camaro is very stable and easy to drive. 

Over the years, GM has put a lot of effort into making it adaptable to different car owners and their driving styles. 

The full-color HUD is easy to see and there are several driving configurations available. 

The Camaro is great for cruising through the countryside in the fall as well as tearing up the racing tracks; it is a pleasure to drive anywhere.

The Camaro is easy to drive and park even while in the city. 

One tool that helps make this possible is its Lane Assist feature which warns if another vehicle is lurking out of sight of the mirrors. 

Parking is made easier by the rear parking sensors and camera.


Most muscle cars like the Camaro are built with higher quality parts, which automatically makes them more heavy-duty than the majority of passenger cars. 

The Camaro will last as long as you want it to last. 

It can last on the original engine well over 200,000 miles if you observe a routine maintenance culture. There are hundreds of Camaro’s still on the road that have clocked anywhere from 175,000 to 230,000 miles all on their original engine.

With that said, the steps below are recommended if you wish to make your Camaro last for a long time.

Keep it clean

The cleaner your car is, the less likely it is for dirt and road grime to build up in your car’s major components, such as the engine compartment, the suspension, front end parts, the driveline, and the interior. 

The simple act of keeping your car clean extends the life of your vehicle and reduces the necessity for replacing parts.

Create and follow a frequent maintenance schedule

Follow your manufacture’s or mechanic’s recommended preventative maintenance schedules, paying special attention to all released service bulletins. 

Make use of only your manufacture’s approved lubricants, fluids, and filters. 

Use the right tires, taking care to keep them at the approved pressures, and rotating them when required. 

If you have a problem, refer to your owner’s manual, or consult a certified ASE mechanic. 

Drive within you and your car’s limitation

Careful attention should be paid to how you drive your Camaro. 

Indeed, they can be driven at higher speeds, however, do not take cars at speeds that will stress your car’s suspension component or perform burnouts. 

Simply put, you shouldn’t drive your car recklessly just because you have a performance vehicle. 

Drive carefully and deliberately, taking care not to drive outside your car’s and indeed your own limitations. 

If you take excellent care of your Camaro, it will provide you with many years of good service.


Yes, Camaros hold their value. 

True, they do not appreciate as much as some cars, however, they are a safe bet for not losing money at current values.

A key thing to note is that, the capability of your vehicle holding its value depends on you and how well you have maintained it. 

The more maintained a vehicle is and the fewer miles on it, the more it is going to maintain its value. 

The key is simple, Remember Mileage and Maintenance. It’s also worth noting that the Camaro SS was ranked as the vehicle with the best resale value amongst its class.


The Camaro is a great car for college. If you are like most college students, you look for a vehicle that is affordable and economical, but also stylish and fun when you shop for a car. 

At this period in your life, a vehicle’s cargo capacity and the rear-seat room shouldn’t be on your list. 

This is a time to have fun, hit the road, and have great rides with friends. 

The Camaro is just perfect for this and is rated as the most fun car a college student can have.


And there you have it.

Everything on why you should get a Camaro as your first car.

However, you should also check out whether or not a Mustang is a good first car or not.

You should realize and figure out all the good and bad attributes of your future car.

It’s going to stay with you for a long time.

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  1. Well I’m a 18 year old guy I really want a CAMARO LT1 or LT I’m responsible I won’t race or anything like that I want to know if this would be a good first car

    • Mechanically, it’s a solid choice as you read in the article. However, I did not go over the many variables involved in owning a car, which changes depends on age, location, driving history, insurance, specific model issues, etc. What might be “good” in your situation could be the exact opposite for someone in another state of the same age.

      With that said, if your heart is set on a Camaro, go for it. The biggest downside of the Camaro is the visibility and blind spots. Some models are better than others but I didn’t go into specifics.


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