Why Are Kia Stingers So Cheap?

The main reasons why the Kia Stinger is so cheap due to having less taxes during production, utilizing plastic parts in the body, and having a short production line.

Kia Stingers offer the desirability, features, and performance to outperform the German sports sedans’ status quo. These cars cleverly disguise their large-sized trunks and hatchbacks with layouts resembling the  BMW (BMW 4-series Gran Coupe) and Audi (Audi A5 Sportback).

Inside, the Kia Stinger delivers near-luxury accommodations and several connectivity features like touchscreen infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. On the road, you can consider the Kia Stingers to be one of the best athletic sedans with their communicative steering.

But why are Kia Stingers so cheap despite offering top-notch desirability, features, and performance? Worry no more!

In this informative post, we’ll let you know why Kia Stingers are so cheap. But before that, let’s look at a brief overview of Kia Stingers.

Kia Stinger Overview

The Kia Stinger offers two engines, all of which you can have with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The 2.0-liter powertrain operates well compared to its competitors, but the robust twin-turbo V-6 engine performs more excellently.

Besides this, Kia Stinger is a vehicle that covers several bases. The car’s positioning and value explain it gives Volvo, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and Alfa Romeo a stiff competition.

You can define the Kia Stinger as an engaging, agile, and entertaining driver’s car with good steering and good chassis balance. After its launch, the vehicle gained all the headlines because of its twin-turbo V6 engine with 168 mph maximum speed and its ability to produce 365PS  and reach zero to 62 mph within 4.9 seconds.

Besides the top-notch engine, Kia Stinger also attracts the attention of many people because of the 255PS four-cylinder petrol and 200PS diesel. The 255PS four-cylinder petrol is the most preferred because it has the V6 charisma and it’s smooth. Besides being rough, the 200PS diesel is also not as fast as you can expect.

The large hatchback and five doors explain why Kia Stinger is a practical car. Besides carrying several suitcases on the boot, the vehicle also provides enough space for even tall individuals in the back.

Therefore, you can see that Kia built the car’s interior robustly. Other than this, Kia Stinger is a standard car that features plenty of equipment. Besides featuring a sporty feel, Kia Stinger also ensures you feel cocooned through its circular air vents and large-sized transmission, running between the car’s two front seats.

Much more complete compared to the expensive Ford Shelby.

So, why are Kia Stingers still cheap despite these excellent features? Let’s see!

Why are Kia Stingers so Cheap?

The simple answer is that Kia Stingers are so cheap because their production process takes place in Seoul, South Korea. As a result, Kias don’t pay tax when importing Kia Stingers to other countries.

Besides this, Kia Stingers are cheap because Kia enjoys a vast cost advantage compared to other automotive companies.

Kia and Hyundai belong to one firm because Hyundai bought 50 percent of Kia company in the 90s. However, being the only automotive firm with a metal foundry explain why Kia sells the Kia Stingers at lower costs.

As a result, Kia and Hyundai produce their metals for all the vehicles they manufacture. The other companies sell their cars at high costs because they buy their metal from metal manufacturers.

Moreover, Kia and Hyundai don’t get shackled with unionized workers at their manufacturing plants. This factor is a vast price reduction that several large automotive companies don’t enjoy.

Other reasons why Kia Stingers are cheap are:

    Low-quality body parts. Kia uses plastic parts when making the car’s main body.

Another thing to note is that Kia manufactures its cars using plastic instead of tougher materials like steel or metal. Therefore, they sell their vehicles at lower prices because of this low-quality material.

    Short production line

    Manufactured to last five to seven years

    No good gas mileage, hence cheap and unreliable cars

Are Kia Stingers Reliable?

Yes, Kia Stingers are reliable in that they have a 100,000 mile power train warranty for ten years. This car should last you a few years under coverage since average Americans drive around 13,500 miles per year.

As per the studies, Kia Stinger is dependable and one of the most reliable cars on the current roads. Besides this, Kia dealerships have shown to be the most respected/trusted brands because of their impressive reviews.

That’s one reason why Mustangs are a good first car and is continuously improving its reliability metrics so that it does not lag behind its competitors.

A hundred thousand mile power train warranty offered to customers indicates that Kia is a reliable brand in the automotive field. This warranty covers two main parts. The first part is the 60,000 miles for five years and then 100,000 miles for ten years. This warranty covers engine repair, manufacturer issues, and transmission problems.

Kia vehicles can only last between five and seven years. This feature means Kia’s cars have low productivity quality compared to other brands.

Also, Kia cars feature unimpressive gas mileage. All these features contribute towards the low price of Kia Stinger. Moreover, Kia sells its cars cheaply because their manufacturer located in South Korea relies on cheap labor parts.

Why Go For A Kia Stinger?

●     Fast GT Models

The Kia Stinger’s more robust GT trims are the things to consider if you’re a driving enthusiast. These trims feature a twin-turbo V6 that generates 376 lb-ft torque and365 horsepower.

But when you compare it to the expensive Nissan GTR, you will realize that cars can do a whole lot faster.

●     Capable Handling

Most automotive reviewers rate Kia Stinger excellently because of its impressive driving dynamics. As a driver, you can maneuver with confidence because of the car’s precise steering and responsive suspension.

●     Top-Notch Styling

Most people like the Kia Stinger because of its beautiful exterior design. This car gets a beautiful silhouette because of its fastback roof and long hood. The bold paint shades, such as Micro Blue Pearl, also add more flair.

●     Excellent Warranty Package

Kia Stinger is also a great bargain because of its attractive warranty package. The 100,000-mile powertrain warranty covers expensive components, such as transmission and engine. Moreover, you’ll get a bumper-to-bumper coverage of 60,000 miles after purchasing this car.

●     Amazing Safety Rating

Kia Stinger comes with several supportive safety technologies. For example, there is a blind spot that minimizes accident risk while on the highway and a rear cross-traffic alert to ensure backing up remains more secure.

Want to know what is also safe? Choosing the best batteries.

Which do you think is better, X2 Power vs Odyssey battery?

Final Thoughts

Besides bringing an exceptional level of performance, Kia Stinger is also an entertaining, stylish, and more appealing car. 

Just like the cheap Corvette and cheap Dodge Charger.

The large cargo area explains why Kia Stinger is a perfect family car. It’s the vehicle to go for if you’re after a luxurious driving experience. 

Some features that contribute to this luxury include the heated rear seats, side bolster, and adjustable thigh extension.

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