My Nissan GTR Interior Lights Won’t Come On

If your Nissan GTR Interior Lights won’t come on, did you—

  1. Check all the fuses?
  2. Check all the buttons?
  3. Check your battery?
  4. Examine the accessory wire attaching to the positive cable

Overall, this is not a common issue but let us dive into how we can address when your Nissan GTR interior lights won’t come on:

  • Replace IPDM and BCM
  • Check the bulbs
  • Blown fuse issue

Replace IPDM and BCM

If you own a 2009-2011 Nissan GTR, there was a common issue where the Intelligent Power Distribution Module (IPDM) would short out the body control module (BCM), causing a no start/shutoff issue with your interior lights.

The solution here is to replace both your IPDM and BCM

This should avoid any long-term headaches and resolve your issues that may have seemed impossible to fix initially.

Check the bulbs

Your interior lights are using incandescent bulbs, which can be burnt out.

Replacing these incandescent bulbs is a simple and quick fix.

But you can also change them out for LED bulbs as well which have been proven to—

  • Last you longer
  • Use less power
  • Shine brighter
  • Generate less heat

As LED technology advances, you can get cheaper LED bulbs that have chips or resistors inside them. 

You may notice that once you solved your interior lights issue that when the lights are suppose to go off, they do not go completely off and stay dimly lit which slowly comes off after about five or so minutes.

As for installation of the bulbs, this is one of the easiest tasks for you aside from buying the bulbs:

  1. Locate your interior lights that need changing
  2. Pop open the plastic covering 
  3. Remove the current bulb
  4. Install your desired bulb
  5. Place the plastic covering back after installation

Blown fuse issue

While troubleshooting, you may notice a blown fuse when you open up the fuse box.

Replacing it is the easy part, but you need to figure out why it happened in the first place?

  1. Changing LEDs in your vehicle
  2. Using inappropriate LEDs
  3. Faulty fuses

It could be a combination of these issues or just one.

Make sure to troubleshoot them one at a time so that you can rule out issues.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from the usual issues for why your interior lights won’t turn on, this is relatively straightforward troubleshooting.

GTR owners are slightly fortunate and cursed for this issue.

It is easy and simple to find a solution to this issue with very minimal technical knowledge required.

Yet, for an expensive Nissan GTR, customers would expect much better quality and design of their products.

Not something that requires constant maintenance after a few years from the initial purchase.

But that is a whole can of worms that would require another article to explain… that once you buy a car, you now take on constant expenses for whatever goes wrong, even if you are the perfect owner.

Your environment, the build quality, or just plain bad luck will force you to cough up some dough to fix it.

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