The Nissan GTR is a supercar due to its sleek design, great top speed, fast acceleration, tight handling, and exclusive releases. Though it is priced modestly compared to other supercars and made for only the driver, it is still a very powerful car that can smoke anyone in a race.

Does the expensive Nissan GTR have what it takes to be a supercar? Are there speculations on the supercar identity of a Nissan GTR?  What makes a supercar different from the regular ones? 

Does the manufacturer declaration that a certain car product is a supercar enough? Are there any features to consider? You are about to find out the answers from this educating piece. Here, we will reveal the distinct qualities of supercars to give more insight into the actual class of a Nissan GTR.

Over the years, people consider how a supercar is categorized and what the rave is all about. Why are supercars expensive, or why is it a car for the rich. 

In simple terms, what makes a supercar a supercar. Supercars are not the regular cars we see every day. There are so many features that make supercars stand out. Supercars are the best among the best for several reasons. When you see a supercar, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it looks exquisite and sleek, but a sports car may seem this way outwardly, and still not be a supercar. Only car experts can spot this difference at first glance. 

Beyond the physical attractiveness of a supercar, there are other features that make it a supercar. People tend to confuse supercars with sports cars, which one would expect because supercars are refined and highly geared sports car models.

The first Supercar, Lamborghini Miura, came into existence in the year 1973. The top speed was around 180 mph (290 km/h). People were using the term “supercar” from the year 1920 at the London newspaper ‘The Times’

Over time, supercars have evolved and are generally known for their classy build, comfort, and production limits to specific numbers. The production limit adds to the mystique, classifying an individual who owns one or more cars to be wealthy with a taste for the better things of life. 

Today a supercar is described as a car with top-notch functions, state-of-the-art tech, speed, high price, and style. However, a supercar doesn’t have to be the best in all descriptions to be a supercar, but in most cases, top-notch functions are the yard measure. For instance, the Nissan GTR supercar is not as expensive as most supercars, but this shouldn’t be a yardstick to determine its supercar identity. 

Here are features a car must possess to be in the supercar category—

  • Appearance
  • Quality engine
  • Top speed
  • High price
  • Good handling
  • Exclusivity
  • Acceleration 
  • Comfort


The Nissan GTR popularly called “the supercar killer” and has several features for which it is considered a supercar. They are as follows:

First Class Design 

This is the number one and one of the essential supercar features. The Nissan GTR supercar has a classy, unique, state-of-the-art design which is part of its appeal. Its beautiful design is not just the key factor but also what makes it stand out amongst others. Carbon fiber is the covering for the exterior design, from the doors to the hood, mirror caps, and exhaust which is what supercars and even hypercars are covered in. The interior offers maximum comfort for its users. The Nissan GTR has an awe-inspiring look that captivates people’s minds.

Quality Brand 

The Nissan GTR may look impressive at first glance, but there’s the build’s quality beyond the looks. Don’t let the sleek designs of supercars deceive you; every Supercar has the build with the capacity to be hard-driven. Nissan GTR is a supercar that stands well-built even when moving speedily.

Contrast that to the cheap Dodge Chargers or cheap Corvettes.

Advanced Technology 

 The Nissan GTR is fitted with exotic systems which include an 8-inch touch screen display that is also multi-function. The Nissan Connect also has a smartphone app that helps navigate the satellite, an effective sound enhancer system, a recreational system, and a digital radio. It boasts an electronic controlling system with a refined suspension. There is no bumpy ride with these features.

Sound Engine 

Every car needs an excellent engine to operate properly; supercars are inclusive. Nissan GTR has the most powerful engine among other Nissan products. This engine we are talking about doesn’t just run by powering up the car. It supplies the amount of power needed to move very fast. When you see a Nissan GTR, you see an exotic car with a monumental engine.

Be wary you do not have a big cam brake problem though.

Top speed 

One feature supercars are known for is speed. This feat is what many people look forward to when purchasing a supercar. The GTR is the best of the best when it comes to Nissan’s supercars; it is the fastest and has the most powerful engine. Equipped with a twin pack 3.8litre turbo that produces 550 horsepower, the Nissan GTR is able to hit a top speed of 205 miles per hour! What this means is that this car outmatches other supercars that are way more expensive.

Nissan GTR has a super handling system as expected of a supercar. Handling is a feature that not many people are familiar with, yet it is a key function in a supercar. A supercar that has a gorgeous design, a very powerful engine, and a fast speed function without an excellent handling feature; such Supercar is incomplete. Here’s what handling does, it helps all the parts of the car to be in concordance. It keeps the wheels balanced even at high speed. Once the handling is not working well, that could pose a problem; hence it is unsafe, especially at top speed.

The Nissan GTR has smooth handling features, which includes 

  • A fine-tune 6-speed dual-clutch transmission system.
  • A smooth steering wheel.
  • Muffled titanium which releases a GT-R themed sound.

Limited Production 

Supercars have been recognized for their exclusivity over the years hence the limited productions. Wherever you see a model of a certain supercar, you can’t help it, it draws you in like a magnet, and you know there is not much of its kind that exists. Nissan GTR is not an exception; only 150 units are manufactured and released yearly. That means you won’t see a lot of these vehicles around. This rareness adds to the allure of the Nissan GTR.

Legalized use on the streets 

Most exotic, top-speed cars like sports cars, supercars, and hypercars do not have the legal backing to be on the roads. The Nissan GTR is inclusive, especially in traffic. Several countries are practicing this law across the world, especially the United States of America. It is strange to own such a masterpiece and not flaunt it on the streets, but these laws exist for the safety of the masses.

Part of this reason is because of their powerful engines… speaking of which, is a V8 or V12 engine better?


Top speed is good, but it is not enough. Acceleration to back up the speed rate is also essential. The Nissan GTR has a vicious acceleration of about 0 – 300km/h, or 0 – 350km/h. Acceleration helps to control the car at sharp turns on high speed. This is where the excitement lies for most supercar users, especially during races. The Nissan GTR supercar acceleration does all this effectively.

Less weight-more power ratio 

Supercars may provide comfort, but that doesn’t make them heavy. Too much weight reduces the power output, which affects the overall speed performance of the car. The Nissan GTR power to weight ratio is 236.0 W/kg which is a good weight ratio considering it should strike a balance because the cars must not be too light in weight. When a car is too light, it could roll-over. A supercar must not be heavy to avoid low power input, and it must not be too light to prevent accidents at the same time.

While most features of the Nissan GTR are a testament to its supercar status. 

There are features that say otherwise. Here is why one may not consider Nissan GTR a supercar:

  1. Fuel Conservation – Fuel management isn’t top-notch; the car requires a lot of fuel. You cannot economize fuel with this car.
  2. PriceOne of the reasons why it is hard to believe that the Nissan GTR is a supercar is because of the price. When compared with its counterparts, it doesn’t cost as much. Everything about supercars speaks of excellent quality, including the price. Supercars are usually very expensive because of the work put into them to produce a masterpiece. Consumers know they get their money’s worth when they purchase a supercar. A cheap supercar in rare cases means it is low quality compared to the expensive ones. This is one reason why many people may not consider Nissan GTR a supercar.
  1. Comfort  – The Nissan GTR is not too comfortable on the passenger side. It is a little bit cramped, and someone with long legs may not feel very comfy in the car. Another consideration is the interior design; not all the interior component is leather.


Studying the features of the Nissan GTR closely reveals why it is a supercar killer as popularly called. It also shows us why it is one of the fastest supercars among other Nissan products. The GTR is a work of beauty, enhanced fully but surprisingly not as expensive as other supercars with the same quality range.

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