What Are Deep Dish Muscle Car Wheels?

You probably have heard of deep dish wheels.  If you are wondering what deep dish wheels are, you have come to the right place.  In this article, we will discuss deep dish wheels and how they differ from regular wheels Deep dish wheels are essentially wider-than-usual wheels that have a ‘deep dish’ between the spokes … Read more


Yes, the Mustang is a great choice for a first car. Your first car should be within your budget, fast but not too fast, and comfortable to begin to create loving memories with. It must also be well-equipped, reliable, and safe.  The Mustang meets all these requirements as well as being an attractive and fun … Read more


What is the point of a muscle car to have a blower? With the invention of the combustion engine, engineers and designers are searching for ways to optimize and/or create power. One way of adding power is to create a bigger engine. However, bigger engines would require more upfront cost and labor. Not only that … Read more

The Best Air Fresheners For Your Car | Buying Guide

Air fresheners for your car… is it a complex subject? One of the most underrated and underestimated sense of all is our sense of smell. In reality, it is one of our most important senses; able to influence our mood and help us better concentrate and remember things better.  While some drivers can go without … Read more

Boss 338 Wheels vs Ridler 695 | Buying Guide

Which wheels should I rock with, the boss 338s or the ridler 695s? If you are just getting started in the world of muscle cars, we have you covered. Tires are something that can be added to enhance the feel of the car, as well as give it a sturdier look. With the wide range … Read more

Mopar Floor Mats Vs WeatherTech Review | Buying Guide

If you are looking for floor mats to buy for your muscle car, chance are you have ran into looking at debates between mopar floor mats vs weathertech… These two floor mats are usually replacements for your OEM floor mats that you got at the dealership. This could be either Weathertech or Lloyd Velourtex. OEM … Read more

Are muscle cars hard to drive?

No, but they do have unique characteristics that may make handling more sensitive such as direct power transfer with the throttle. For instance, your car tires spin forever. Cool to have if you want to be a fast and powerful car. But you trade in some control. And this is especially dangerous during wet roads. … Read more

Top Dodge Challenger Wheel Brands | Buying Guide

Every dodge challenger owner wants to have the best wheels for their ride. Especially if you love muscle cars. But if you did not choose or figure out what type of wheels your dodge challenger has, you are doing yourself a disservice. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can pick out the … Read more

Insurance Cost for Chevy Camaro | What Is A Good Rate

If you want to have a good insurance rate for your Chevy camaro, it is always a good idea to shop around. Call a bunch of different companies to get the best deal for yourself. However, you should keep in mind that your driving record, credit status, state cost of living, individual profile, etc. all … Read more

Top 5 Best Yenko Muscle Cars | Chevy Guide

Top 5 Best Yenko Muscle Cars | Chevy Guide

The best yenko muscle cars… what are they exactly? If you never heard of a yenko car, allow me to introduce them to you. The yenko cars are modified Chevrolet Camaros that were prepared by Yenko Chevrolet, a dealership that was created and owned by racer Don Yenko. What he did was actually genius as … Read more