Why Is Infiniti Q50 So Cheap?

Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury with a powerful engine and strong transmission. Even though many critics have favorable reviews for Q50, the cars are not flying off the lots. A cursory check of the prices of used Q50s shows that they cost cheaper than other luxury sedans. So why ask, what makes Infiniti Q50 … Read more

Why Is Nissan Sentra So Cheap?

Nissan, alongside Toyota and Honda, is the original big three Japanese carmakers. Now they are part of the three-car manufacturing alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi. Sentra, one of the cars from their stables, cost less when compared to its rivals from Toyota and Honda. It begs the question, why is Nissan Sentra cheap? There are … Read more

Why Is Ford Fusion So Cheap?

The Ford Fusion marked Ford’s foray into the midsize car market.  Is it a car that you can take brand new on a road trip? Though the Ford Fusion is now retired, the last model cost less than most of its rivals. Even in the used car market, cars like the Honda Accord and Toyota … Read more

What Ford Bronco Years to Avoid

When Ford manufactured the first Broncos in 1965, it was Ford’s answer to Jeep’s CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout. The idea was for Bronco to drive well off-road as it did in the city. It was the first Sports Utility Vehicle Ford made. Before Ford stopped producing Broncos in 1996, they made some terrible models. … Read more

Why Is Infiniti G35 So Cheap?

Infiniti created the G series as a compact executive car, with the goal of merging comfort with power. One of such models under the G series is the now discontinued Nissan Infiniti G35. Though Nissan no longer produces G35 and economics dictates that with limited supply, prices rise. However, this logic doesn’t work with this … Read more

Why Is Chevrolet Cruze So Cheap?

Since General Motors introduced Chevrolet Cruze into the compact car market, opinions have been wide-ranging and varied. The one thing everyone agrees on is that the price of Chevrolet Cruze is low compared to most in its class. What makes Chevrolet Cruze cheap? The primary reason that used Chevrolet Cruze is cheap is that there … Read more

Why Is Lexus So Expensive?

When you think of a car that has everything; superior design, luxury, powerful engine, reliability and safety, and sheer class, there’s no how a Lexus won’t come to mind. No matter the type or category of the cars, from the RX to LS to the GS, ES, NX, or IS, these vehicles are the most … Read more

Why Are Ford Escapes So Cheap?

The Ford Escape is like an upgrade that makes people long for the good old days. It is supposed to be one of the crossover successors of the smaller Focus and Fiesta. As a used and brand-new car, one common thing is that the Ford Escape is a cheap car compared to its rivals. Ford … Read more

Why are VW Beetles so Expensive?

For many, the Volkswagen Beetle is a classic car that was known for being extremely popular over the years: it sold over 23 million units in its 81-year run.  Despite its widespread popularity, if you’re looking to purchase a used version of one of these vehicles it might be pretty expensive. Keep reading if you’ve … Read more