Why Are Subaru WRX So Cheap?

The Subaru WRX is so cheap primarily due to its recent issues with handling, poor fuel economy, and unappealing interior quality. It also does not have a stylish exterior, is saturated on the market, and has a ton of technical and rust issues.

The Subaru Wrx is one of the most popular sport compacts. The car model provides powerful a surefooted handling and engine performance. However, Subaru, from its 2015 to 2021 model, comes with issues. It has poor fuel economy with an unappealing interior quality. These factors have a role in its price; they’ve contributed to the car’s low prices and make Subaru Wrx cheap. 

Reasons Why Subaru WRX Are Cheap

Not Luxurious

As stated, Subaru Wrx handles enough tasks of hauling. However, it doesn’t often deliver a luxurious driving experience. There’s no access to certain features like ventilated seats. 

Subaru Wrx is unappealing and noisy with a cheap and trim interior; its cabin looks like an ordinary economy vehicle. 

It’s Unstylish

Similarly, Subaru Wrx is mostly unstylish. They aren’t appealing to everyone and are not fast. Its general appearance has started to look dated. For example, it’s Jane Subies aren’t appealing to some buyers who buy majorly for style. The buyers trade top-notch clean cars with light use to have the trending and latest model.

This is another reason why certain brands are not popular like Lexus and Acura.

In North America, most Subaru buyers purchase the car due to its practical function and not its style. Thus, they do sell off the cars after a few years for more stylish cars. 

In most instances, you’ll likely see unstylish Subaru WRXs in the used car market, especially ones with bad histories. So, expect the prices to be lower when compared with used cars like Toyota and Honda. Many car enthusiasts see Subaru as cheap cars with less style and performance. 

Not Really Reliable 

Subaru Wrx is cheap because it has a low-reliability rating. This is a big issue for drivers who intend to use their WRXs for daily commuting. 

The performance upgrades even make the STI model costlier to maintain. For example, the warranty of the WRX powertrain expires after 60,000 miles or five years. Furthermore, it only covers few car parts; the transmission, engine, and drivetrain.

Market Saturation

The 2019 to 2021 Subaru Wrx models are popular. They’re many in the market; market saturation always causes low prices. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Though Subaru is a Japan-based firm, it has grown globally to sell and produce cars in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. 

The majority of Subaru models are produced in the United States. Thus, there are many supplies in the US markets with low shipping costs. The low shipping and other logistics costs make the Subaru Wrx cars extremely affordable in the US.

Europe and Australia equally have several Subaru factories. You’re likely to see several good deals on Subaru Wrx models in Australia and Europe. There are always a dozen sales of Subaru WRXs in March and April annually around Easter as Eastern Canadians sell them after the winter to purchase summer cars.

Some Subaru Wrx Models Aren’t Fuel-Efficient

Nor all Subaru WRXs are fuel-economical. For its 2019 Subaru Wrx manual transmission, the car returns 21 mpg in the city and about 27 mpg at the highway. 

Conversely, the automatic CVT lowers the vehicle’s fuel economy. The car efficiency reduces when it drives in heavy traffic. Due to the model’s performance engine, drivers pay more for the premium unleaded fuel.

Technical Issues

Some Subaru Wrx models do develop technical issues with time. There’s the leaking head gasket problem. Replacing head gaskets is a big PITA since the whole motor comes out from the car using opposed flat layouts. Aspirated Subaru WRXs that have a closed-deck cylinder block last longer and are better. While open deck Subaru WRXs like those using a turbocharger encounter difficulties.

Also, there’s the issue of excess oil usage, the cracking turbo housing problem, the power steering cavitation problem, the bad turbo bearing issue, the cracked exhaust manifold issue, and the cracked radiator tank issues. 

Often, the plastic sunroof parts might fail and cause sunroof replacement expenses. There are failures of O-ring and oil cooler hose that drip hot oil across the exhaust manifold causing some under-hood smoke. 

Furthermore, there is the steering rack problem, A/C clutch wear and shimming challenges, and the failure of the wheel bearing. Sometimes, the Subaru WRXs coolant thermostat would be at the engine bottom rather than at the top. This makes it hard to service.


Subaru Wrx cars often get rust underneath after use on icy roads. Sometimes, the coating for preventing rust on the Subaru Wrx underside gets abused; thus, making rust start forming.

Heavy Clutch

The Subaru WRX is a pain to drive in congestion when equipped with a manual transmission. Its heavy clutch requires more effort to use. Furthermore, failing to press the throttle smoothly causes jerks. The continuous going and stopping wears out some drivers. Its automatic CVT is more suited for urban area drives.

Bumpy Ride

Some Subaru Wrx models, especially the 2019 model, have a bumpy ride. Drivers might experience bumpiness when driving on broken pavement. 

Some bumpiness in Subaru Wrx is mostly caused by a vacuum leak, ignition coil problem, premature clutch, or throwout bearing issue.

The Wrx models with high performance have an even harsher ride. Drivers consider other cars like Volkswagen because they want more refined cars.

All these factors and the market saturation of Subaru WRXs have been causing the low demand and indirectly making them cheap.

Is the Subaru WRX Good and Reliable?

The Subaru Wrx model is good in some respects and performs poorly in other areas. It’s a thrill to drive on the freeway because of the standard wheel drive system and taut suspension. 

Subaru Wrx grips regardless of the road surface. Its turbocharged boxer engine features enough character and slingshots the sedan to great speed with authority when on the boil. Its interior is spacious for a family compact car, the infotainment system is easy to use, and the front seats are comfortable. 

In particular, the 2021 Subaru WRX is nice if you cherish unfiltered and raw driving experiences or need a four-season sports sedan. Subaru Wrx with the STI variant is greatly visceral.

The main problem is that Subaru Wrx is often frustrating even with its sport car standards. Its transmission needs finesse to shift smoothly. Subaru Wrx is jittery, and harsh on rough roads. It has poor fuel economy ratings, and the interior is trimmed, cheap, and noisy with below-average materials.

On its reliability ratings, the Subaru Wrx stands in the compact car class bottom half. The Subaru WRX is a pain to drive in congestion. Its heavy clutch requires more effort to use. Generally, it has a low-reliability rating. 

In particular, the 2021 WRX has a predicted reliability score of 77 out of 100. This shows it’s fair when compared with other models. 

How Much Does Subaru Wrx Cost?

Subaru Wrx cost varies depending on the model you purchase. The more add-oks included the higher the price. Edmund.com reported that the entry-level Subaru WRX price starts from $27,495. The Subaru WRX Premium price starts from $30,045. 

The Subaru WRX Limited price goes from $32,095. More so, the Subaru WRX STI price goes for $37,245. And the Subaru WRX STI Limited trim price is $41,945.

Features of Subaru Wrx.

  • Subaru has an engaging Base Powertrain.
  • It features a High-Powered STI Model.
  • The model has handles like sports cars.
  • It has a boy racer styling.
  • Subaru Wrx has some dealer-installed performance goodies.
  • It has enough space to contain families.
  • It has an improved infotainment system, especially the 2019 model.
  • It comes with credible safety technologies.
  • The model has easy interface Components.

Is the Subaru WRX Expensive to Maintain?

Generally, Subaru Wrx has an annual car maintenance cost of $682 or an average cost of $651 yearly. This shows that the Wrx has affordable maintenance costs. 

Final Analysis

Subaru Wrx models are good in some respects and bad in other areas. It’s often unforgiving in daily driving. Its transmission needs finesse to shift smoothly. Subaru Wrx is firm, jittery, and harsh on rough roads. It has poor fuel economy ratings, and the interior is trimmed, cheap, and noisy with below-average materials.

The above are the reasons why it’s cheap in the market. Be that as it may, Subaru WRX is one of the best sports compacts, and it’s a good option for sports car enthusiasts.

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