Why are VW Beetles so Expensive?

For many, the Volkswagen Beetle is a classic car that was known for being extremely popular over the years: it sold over 23 million units in its 81-year run. 

Despite its widespread popularity, if you’re looking to purchase a used version of one of these vehicles it might be pretty expensive. Keep reading if you’ve been curious about why VW Beetles are so expensive!

Why Are Volkswagen Beetles so expensive?

They Don’t Make Them Anymore—Buying a Used VW Beetle

One of the main reasons Volkswagen Beetles are so expensive is that they don’t make them anymore! While the vehicle had an 81-year run, if you wanted to buy a Beetle today you would have to purchase a used car. There is a slightly cheaper option in the Volkswagen New Beetle, which was produced from 1997 to 2011 and therefore is less expensive to restore and maintain. If you’re looking to buy a classic original VW Beetle, however, be prepared to spend a big chunk of change.

The original VW Beetle was produced from 1938 to 2003, and the further we get from that timeframe the more these vehicles are going to cost due to limited supply and higher demand. These days, if you’re purchasing a VW Beetle from its original run, it’s likely that a lot of time and care has been taken to restore the car and keep it safe and functioning at a high level. Since these cars were so mass-produced in the first place and used cheaper parts, many original Beetles have deteriorated beyond repair. 

Since so many of these original Beetles have significantly decreased in quality, it’s important to make sure that the vehicle you’re purchasing is road safe by today’s standards and running to a satisfactory level. It’s advisable to get your VW checked out by a mechanic or auto expert before you buy it, or to buy it from a reputable source with a detailed history of repairs made to the vehicle. These precautions will definitely add some cost to your purchase as it’s not a good idea to just buy someone’s old Beetle they had hanging around in their garage.

Maintenance and Repair Costs 

Another one of the main reasons VW Beetles are so expensive is due to maintenance and repair costs. These vary greatly depending on the age of your Beetle, but it’s likely that these vehicles will cost a lot more on average to repair and maintain than a newer car with more of a reputation for reliability.

Since there were so many model years of the VW Beetle, it’s difficult to pin down an exact estimated yearly maintenance cost for this vehicle. Some reports say Beetles cost on average $612 per year to maintain, which doesn’t seem so bad. However, the Beetle can cost up to a whopping $4073 to repair and maintain, which is a much more significant amount of money to spend on maintenance for your vehicle on a yearly basis.

In addition to standard yearly maintenance costs, the VW Beetle also has a lot of common problems that would also cost money to repair. The 2000 model year of the VW Beetle had an insane 451 NHTSA complaints as well as 9 official recalls. Common problems for this model include engine problems, problems with the seat belts and airbags, interior accessories issues, electrical problems, and more. 

VW Beetle Increasing Popularity

Another factor driving the price up on the VW Beetle is its popularity. That’s right, one of the reasons the VW Beetle is so expensive is because lots of people have dreamed about owning one for many years and they’ve become something of a collector’s item. 

Because the VW Beetle has been around since 1938, many people have fond memories of driving in or seeing these cars during their childhood, making them a vehicle with a high nostalgia factor. This is also why the Volkswagen New Beetle isn’t quite as popular or expensive: the modernized version doesn’t have the same classic charm as the original. Because so many associate this car with the 1967 “Summer of Love,” there’s going to be more competition in the buyer’s market for well-restored versions of the vehicle that are freshly painted and safe on today’s roads. 

How Expensive are VW Beetles Today?

So, you might be wondering now that we’ve gone over all the reasons why VW Beetles are so expensive: exactly how much will one of these cars cost today? There isn’t a straightforward answer to this, as it greatly depends on the model year and restoration efforts. The cost will be very different if you’re looking to buy a vintage Beetle with historical significance compared to a Beetle from the late nineties or early two thousands.

Average prices for one of these cars have increased greatly in the last decade or two, with the median value of a collector-quality VW Beetle going from $9,500 in 2002 to more than $15,000 today. These prices get higher the earlier you go, and there are examples of a 1950 Beetle selling for $44,000 and a 1958 Beetle selling for $71,500 at auctions. If a VW Beetle is restored well enough, collectors are often willing to pay well above market value to get their hands on one of these. On a similar vein, the VW Microbuses are also very popular and rare, and can sell for over $300,000 in the most special cases.

Wrapping it Up

Overall, although the Volkswagen Beetle was a mass-produced car with an extensive run, these cars are actually quite popular and rare these days. If you were hoping to purchase a well-restored vintage Beetle that will run reliably on today’s roads, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. 

The high cost of buying one of these vehicles used is made even more expensive when you take into consideration maintenance and repair costs for old VW Beetles, which can be astronomically high if you don’t take care to buy a used Beetle without massive problems. If you were hoping to re-live the ‘Summer of Love’ in your vintage Beetle, start saving your money!

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